I offer a program that prepares students to become high-level Professional Pianists, whether as Concert Pianist, Chamber Musician, collaborator/accompanist, Vocal/Instrumental Coach, Teacher, or all together.


If you wish to join the Class of Jeroen Riemsdijk at the Maastricht Conservatory of Music, you can apply here, or contact me for questions. 



On top of learning a dazzling Piano Technique based on solid fundamentals, all aspects of interpretation and ensemble playing will be explored, triggering intelligence and communication in playing.


Notable, I have helped students to recover entirely and securely from injuries such as Tendonitis.

My Piano Class of 20-21 consists of Piano students from cities like Amsterdam, Brussels, Madrid, Athens, Cologne, Granada, Oviedo, Thessaloniki, and countries like China, Indonesia, India, Northern-Ireland.


The Maastricht Conservatory of Music gives lots of opportunities to expand your international music network. Maastricht is a residence to many international students from the Maastricht University and the Art Academies.


The MASTER OF MUSIC Maastricht has been awarded as one of the TOP Music Education Programs in The Netherlands.


Read my articles about Piano Technique and Interpretation Strategies on 'Medium':
















I teach Piano Technique, based on 'Weight-grading’' and Balancing Fingers, integrating Armweight Technique and Velocity of Fingers.

I claim to have extraordinary fast and solid results with my students in terms of improving the technical basics, resulting in virtuoso playing and care for sound.

Modern Arm-weight technique (compared to Old School) is increasingly becoming standard in modern piano playing. Nevertheless, the old school arm weight techniques should be replaced by more up to date standards. Based on my research,  arm weight can have a more profound, quicker, and more effective impact on the newest principles and procedures.




Organizing your technique and elementary piano techniques - like scales, octaves - is obligatory in modern professional piano playing.


The result is an integrated, stress-free playing style, where all attention can be put on sound and expression in even the most demanding technical passagework. 


Jeroen Riemsdijk is author of 

The Golden Fingers Technique

The Art of Passagework

During the Corona months, I worked hard on my next book: "Weight-grading and Balanced Fingers'.

I hope to have it ready for publishing this coming season.


Free article about Sight reading in Dutch.

Published in the Piano Bulletin 2011 of the EPTA NL


Photo of Maastricht by Senén Fernandez Garcia