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The Golden Fingers Technique (2007)

The art of Passagework

The Golden Fingers Technique is a tried-and-true piano method for pianist students advanced and amateur pianists to improve passagework and piano technique at the professional level.
The goal is to improve your technique and playing abilities so that you can perform passagework quickly, easily, and with control over the finest dynamics.

The Golden Fingers Technique naturally combines and integrates German, French, and Russian Piano Schools.


 “As a rule piano students do not think deeply enough. They skim over the  really difficult things and no amount of persuasion will make them  believe some very simple things difficult. Take the scale of C Major,  for instance. This scale is by far the most difficult of all. To play it  with true legato, at any desired degree of force or speed, in any  desired rhythm and with any desired touch is one of the most difficult  achievements in all music. Yet the young pupil will literally turn up  his nose at the scale of C Major and at the same time claim that he is  perfectly competent to play a Beethoven Sonata.”

 Vladimir de Pachmann


'…Well elaborated, clear, easily understandable...'

  Jan Wijn (Conservatory of Amsterdam) pupil of Alicia de Larrocha and C. Berkhout

'… An important contribution to professional Piano Technique…'

 Prof. Ben Smits, pupil of Clara Haskil and C. Berkhout

'… Very intelligently executed and contains many interesting ideas...’

Prof. Bennett Lerner  , pupil of Claudio Arrau


'…Surprising results... '

Frederik Martens, Concert pianist


'…Splendid, synoptic layout…' ‘….A Gradus ad Parnassum in passagework…’

Stijn Saveniers, conductor, cellist and pianist


…A jewel…’

‘…An eye-opener that makes you reconsider the way you play the piano...’

‘…Opens new dimensions… ’

  Alejandro Serena Llinares   (Spain),

Prof. History of Piano Methods Conservatory of Music Maastricht


The 'Golden Fingers Technique’ is suitable for pre-conservatoire and conservatoire students whose technique has yet to acquire solid foundations, for professional pianists who feel the need to integrate their advanced technical skills into a natural whole and for piano teachers. Ultimately the book is for anyone who appreciates the long-term advantages to be derived from establishing a sound piano technique.


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