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Currently I am working on 'Estonian Evocation', which include some new recordings with exiting Estonian Piano Music.

Check my book about Piano Technique. A solid and effective method to play get super fast fingers, great sound control and easiness. Recommended by some distinguished pedagogues.

I met Estonian composer Urmas Sisask in 2004 in Tallinn. A mystic composer who believes in spirits and gnoms. You can hear fairy tales in his beautiful Starry Sky Cycle of 29 Piano Pieces.

Debussy Prelude book 1 no 7 (...Ce qu'a vu le vent d'Ouest).

A wild virtuoso Prelude. The title of the piece was inspired by 'The Garden of Paradise, a fairy tale by Andersen.

Zhelobinsky wrote his 24 preludes in 1934 in Leningrad, like Shostakovich did! These preludes are for the first time recorded! Some similarities with Shostakovich are noticeble.

I simply love many of the so called 'Light pieces' by Jaan Rääts. They were a big surprise to me and recording them was a great pleasure. They are very short, but surely worth to give it some minutes to try.

Robert Quodbach  wrote several pieces for me, among them two Piano Sonatas. I met Rob three years before his sudden death at the age of 31. A remarkable young man, who usually was composing after midnight. I call his Post-Classical music 'Dark Music', since it is full of darkness.

The Piano Music by Estonian Composer Jaan Rääts(1932) is a gem. During the Soviet occupation Estonian composers could develop their unique and exotic style. I met Jaan in 2011 in Tallinn and promised him to promote his works. His 24 Preludes opus 33 is a mix of styles, with 'flavors' of Medieval music, Rock, Rumi, Jazz, New Age, Modernism.

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One of the famous Intermezzi by Johannes Brahms. He wrote ten Intermezzi for Piano. The 3 Intermezzi

Op. 117 were composed in 1892. Brahms described these pieces as "lullabies to my sorrows".

Originally written for Tenor and Piano, this famous Sonetto del Petrarca no 104 by Fr. Liszt has become a popular work for Piano, with its contrasting emotions and fine virtuoso Passagework. 

The Friedrich Kalkbrenner 24 Preludes opus 88 from 1827 are not only a surprising set of well written compositions in the best tradition of the 'Brilliant Style', but mark also a change in the genre of 24 Preludes. Other cycles of this genre composed in this era (1810-1835) are didactic works, little exercises in the art of Preluding. Chopin composed his 24 Preludes about ten years later, between 1835-1839.

Wim Zwaag(1960) is a Dutch composer, currently living in the South of Spain. We know each other over 25 years. In his early career Wim was also a singer, with a beautiful Bariton voice. We have performed songs by Rachmaninoff, Britten, Quilter and others. Wim has composed grand Romantic works for Piano, Chamber music ensembles and Orchestra, many of them commissioned by me and premiered in many halls. Live-Premiere recording (1992) of Wim's Alto-Saxophone Sonata  with Jean-Pierre Cnoops.

Jean Lambrechts (1936) is a Belgian/Dutch composer who studied in Paris with André Jolivet. I performed the premiere of his Sonatine Gaillarde in 2014. His Sonatine is a charming work full of French and Paris moods. When I am on my way to the Conservatory, I often see Jean walking in the streets of Maastricht with his cute little doggy.

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